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Welcome To Victory Family Church

Conections Youth

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Connections youth will be going to the City Museum on Frday, March 27. Cost is $10per person. The group rate is $6 if we can get 15 - including adult chaperones - to go! Call 618-235-6373 to sign up. This is a great event to invite friends to! Our goal is to get 12 students to go! We will meet at the church at 5:45pm and leave PROMPLY at 6pm. Pickup will be at 10pm at the church.

EVERY student going, including guests, MUST have a consent/medical release form on file.

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A Message From The Pastor

We at Victory Family Church would like to invite you to come and worship the Lord with us and to hear God's uncompromising Word, proclaiming to a lost and hurting world that God still saves, heals, and meets the needs of men and women today. We are non-denominational and everyone is welcome.

We are a church which has a desire to minister to your whole family. It is in our heart to help you and your children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have Children's Church available for every service, so that your children may be ministered to on their own level.

Our goal is to train you and your family in God's word so that you may receive and walk in all of the blessings he has provided for you. So come and visit with us and let us minister God's word in love to you.

Janet and I would like to invite you to come and worship the Lord with us this Sunday. And don't forget Connections Youth Service Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm.

In His Service,
Pastors David and Janet Harbison

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Morning Worship: 10:30 AM
Connections Youth Service: 6 - 8 PM

Midweek Service: 7:00 PM

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Messages & Series

by Reverend David Harbison

These are the full length mp3 versions of the entire series, not just a clip from the best parts. If you would like a free copy of any of the cd's, please call 618-235-6373.

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03-11-15 - God Wants To Deliver Us Out Of All Trials!

Being Filled With the Spirit!
03-08-15 - Getting Your Mind Quit While Praying!
03-15-15 - Understanding God's Will!

Our Victory In Jesus!
03-18-15 - Be Steadfast, Immovable, Always Abounding in the
                  Work of the Lord!

Praying In The End Times!
02-25-15 - Praying In The End Times!

Growing Weary in Well Doing!
02-11-15 - Loving God First And Loving Others!

Rules For Prayer!
01-14-15 - Just Like Games Have Rules
                  We Have To Follow The Rules For Prayer!

Vision For Souls!
01-11-14 - Revival Starts In The Heart Of A Man, And The Heart Of A Nation!
01-18-14 - People Are Loosing Sight Of The Vision
                  Because Jesus Hasn't Returned Yet!
01-25-14 - Faith Foolishness and Presumption!
02-01-15 - Fulfilling The Ministry of Jesus!
02-15-15 - The Importance Of Being Filled With The Spirit
02-22-15 - Who Can Be Filled With The Spirit?

The Glory Days
12-28-14 - It is Only God's Plans That Get Results Not Our Own!
12-31-14 - Putting Jesus First, Before Anything Else!
01-04-14 - God Never Changes,
                  Even When We Are Going Through Hard Times!

The Christmas Message
12-21-14 - Fear Not, For We Bring You Good News of Great Joy!

The Feasts Of The Lord!
12-10-14 - The Feast Of Passover!
12-17-14 - The Fall Feasts!
01-21-15 - The End Time Feasts!

Why Me?????
12-07-14 - People Are Watching How We Deal With Tests And Trials!
12-14-14 - Continue To Praise And Worship God
                  And He Will Open The Door To Your Victory!

How BIG is Your "Want To"?
11-30-14 - Putting God Where He Should Be In Your Life!

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith!
11-16-14 - The Number One Enemy to Our Faith
                  Is The Lack of Knowledge!
11-23-14 - Faith Comes By Hearing And Hearing And Hearing......!

The Types of Confession
11-12-14 - Believing AND Confessing
12-03-14 - Confess With Your Mouth And Believe In Your Heart!

The Name of Jesus!
10-15-14 - Exercising Our Authority in HIS Name!
10-19-14 - Praying In The Name Of Jesus!
11-02-14 - No One Else Has Done For You What Jesus Has Done!
11-05-14 - We Have The Legal Right To Use The Name Of Jesus!
11-09-14 - You Don't Need Faith To Use The Name Of Jesus!

How To Be Lead By The Spirit!
09-17-14 - Our Authority to Command In Jesus Name!
09-21-14 - As Many As Are Lead By The Spirit, Are God's Children!
09-24-14 - Three Things We Need To Do To Train Our Spirit!
09-28-14 - God Leads Us Through Our Spirit!
10-01-14 - The Law Of LOVE!!!
10-05-14 - The Two Great Commandments -
                  On These Hang ALL The Law!!
10-12-14 - The Spirit Helps Us Keep Our Mind and Flesh In Check!

Belleville Tent Meeting - Morning Services
09-08-14 - Monday
09-09-14 - Tuesday
09-10-14 - Wednesday
09-11-14 - Thursday
09-12-14 - Friday
09-13-14 - Saturday

Belleville Tent Meeting - Evening Services
09-07-14 - Sunday
09-08-14 - Monday
09-09-14 - Tuesday
09-10-14 - Wednesday
09-11-14 - Thursday
09-12-14 - Friday
09-13-14 - Saturday

Being A Doer of the Word
09-14-14 - Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak!

The Subject of Faith!
08-24-14 - Believing God Is Able To Do What You Are Asking For!
08-27-14 - There Are Different Types Of Prayers!
09-03-14 - What You Say Is What You Get!
09-07-14 - Exercising Your Own Faith!

The Importance of the Holy Spirit
08-03-14 - Drink From Rivers Of Living Waters!
08-10-14 - Pride And Lust Are The Biggest Areas Of Temptation!
08-13-14 - Signs And Wonders!!
08-17-14 - God Should Be In Our Hearts Not In A Box On The Shelf!

Developing A Desire for God
07-30-14 - Long For God More Than Anything Else In Your Life!

Water Baptism
07-27-14 - Only The Blood Of Jesus Can Wash Away Your Sins!

07-13-14 - Christians Should Stand Out From
                  The World Not Look Like Them!

I Lay In Sion!
07-09-14 - Let Jesus Be The Steppingstone He Chose To Be!

Independence Day!
07-06-14 - Walking in the Freedom of the Price That Was Paid!

The Beatitudes!
07-02-14 - Do Not Base Your Joy On Outward Conditions!

How Faith Actually Works!
06-22-14 - Do Not Doubt In Your Heart
06-29-14 - The God Kind Of Faith!

Change Is On The Way!
06-18-14 - Are We Going For God or Straddling the Fence

Father's Day
06-15-14 - Following Abraham's Example!

Spiritual vs Carnal Christianity
05-07-14 - What we Receive from God Is Determined By Our Maturity
05-14-14 - Perfect Christians vs. Mature Christians
05-18-14 - Yielding to the Spirit of God
06-01-14 - The Basic Biblical Truths Are Not
06-04-14 - The Importance of the
06-08-14 - Breaking Our Own Will, Makes Us Stronger

Memorial Day
05-25-14 - Greater love hath no man than this,
                  that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Revival Is Here
04-30-14 - The Church Needs To Preach The Power Of God

Studying Psalm 103
04-27-14 - Bless the Lord Oh My Soul
05-04-14 - We Have to Know Who Our Father God Is

Easter Message
04-20-14 - What We Have Because Jesus Died And Rose Again!

Why Do We Go To Church?
03-30-14 - To Encourage and Be Encouraged!
04-06-14 - The Parable of the Talents!
04-13-14 - The Importance of Being Taught the Word of God!

Seeking Wisdom!
03-12-14 - The Reverence of the Lord - That is Wisdom!
03-19-14 - God's Wisdom vs. Man's Wisdom!
03-26-14 - The Significance of Wise Council!
04-09-14 - Receiving God's Benefits that God has Promised Us!

Drafted or Enlisted?
03-09-14 - Building the Body of Christ - The Church!
03-16-14 - Following God's Plan not ours!

Why is Christianity the most Attacked Religion?
02-16-14 - The Absolutes of the Bible!
02-19-14 - What's in the World Has Crept into the Church!

Baby Dedication!
02-02-14 - It takes a "FAMILY" to Raise a Child!

Godliness Under Pressure!
01-29-14 - King Hezekiah!

God's Unbreakable Promises!
02-12-14 - The Example of Balaam!

Knowing God's Perfect Will!
01-08-14 - Staying True to The Word of God!
01-12-14 - Doing what we see the Father Do!
01-19-14 - Jesus Did What He Saw the Father Do!
01-26-14 - YOU Decide to become A Living Sacrifice!

A New Years Resolution!
12-31-13 - Forgetting the past and Looking Forward to what lies Ahead!

Staying True To The Word of God!
12-29-13 - Staying True To The Word of God!

The Christmas Story!
12-22-13 - "Suddenly"!

The Practical, Application of the Word!
12-18-13 - The Practical, Application of the Word!

Talking to Yourself can
get you Into or Out of Trouble!

12-11-13 - Talking to Yourself can get you Into or Out of Trouble!

Are you a Participant
in the Gospel of Christ?

12-04-13 - Are you a Participant in the Gospel of Christ?

The Battlefield is in the
Mind of the Believer!

11-06-13 - The Battlefield is in the Mind of the Believer!

Ask, Seek and Knock!
11-13-13 - Ask, Seek and Knock!

Why do we Honor our Veterans?
11-10-13 - Why do we Honor our Veterans?

Your Order is on the Way

10-30-13 - Relax, Your Order is on the Way

The Authority of the Believer
09-25-13 - The Truth you "Act Upon" is the Truth that will set you Free!
10-02-13 - The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing!
10-09-13 - Christ in you the Hope of Glory!
10-16-13 - We Demonstrate Our Authority with our Words!
10-23-13 - Resist and be Steadfast in the Faith!

A Study on Grace
09-01-13 - Introduction! - Understand the Purpose Behind Grace
05-19-13 - The Believer should not suffer from Sickness and Disease!
09-15-13 - God's DNA in You!
09-22-13 - Un-Merited, Divine Assistance!
09-29-13 - Grace in our Hello's and Grace in our Goodbye's!
10-13-13 - Focus on God who gave you Grace!
10-20-13 - If you Mess Up, Fess Up!
10-27-13 - God's Love Acting on Our Behalf!
11-03-13 - Grace is Not What You Say Over Your Meal!
11-24-13 - The Manifold Grace of God!
12-08-13 - God's Saving Grace!
12-15-13 - What We Deserved and Jesus Got!

Walk in Humility and Cast
Your Care on Him!

07-14-13 - Walk in Humility and Cast Your Care on Him!

Be Strong in the Lord and the
Power of His Might

07-07-13 - Be Strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might!

Work Out Your Own Salvation
06-16-13 - Grasping the Reality of what Christ has done for us!
06-23-13 - If We Let God Exalt Us No One Else Can Tear Us Down!
06-26-13 - Words Can Kill A Persons Spirit!
06-30-13 - Be Careful About the Things You Hear!

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