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News & Current Events!

Connections Youth

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Connections Youth will be helping with he Quincy tent revival which will be held Sunday, July 26 through Friday, July 31. We will go up a couple of days before to set up, stay to participate in the meeting and then will return Saturday after taking the tent down.

This week of ministry is our "camp" for the summer and there will be many opportunities for the Youth to serve and to give out as they help with this very important outreach.

Our students will also have the opportunity to be under a strong anointing and to see the power of God and moves of the Spirit during these special services. It will be a life-changing week.

Make plans to be able to be part of this trip.

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Tent Meetings

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This Years Tent Meetings will be:

Quincy, Illinois - Sun., July 26 - Fri., July 31

Fairbury, Illinois - Sun., Aug. 9 - Fri., Aug. 14

Belleville, Illinois - Sun., Sept. 13 - Fri., Sept. 18

For all the meetings there will be morning
teaching services during the week as well as the evening teaching services

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Consent Forms

Consent forms for children and youth must be completed every year. New forms for 2015 are available. You can call 618-235-6373 to receive one for your children. Please fill them out and send them in (or bring them in) so your children may participate in the various activities this year.
Thank You!

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Service CD's are available free of charge. The Word is going forth in a mighty way via the internet and these CD's. You can help by contributing towards any of these areas in your giving. Please indicate on your offering envelope in the space marked 'Other' the area to which you would like to designate your giving. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Further Activities to be announced!

Please call 618-235-6373 for more information.

Victory Family Church
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